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Keno Tips

Welcome to my Keno tips section where we will be going over a few Keno tips and tricks to make your next Keno experience the best one possible. Always to remember that the best tip I can give you is enjoy yourself and to have fun.

As mentioned before, Keno is much like a lottery so the word ‘tips’ might be a little misleading when the house has a edge of 25% - 40%. But there are a few things to keep in mind when playing that will make your experience that much more enjoyable.

The one thing to keep in mind when playing Keno is it can be a fun way to gamble as it can take up to five to ten minutes to play one game with minimum bet of $1. There are no systems that can be used in Keno; numbers are randomly selected from either the ‘old school’ method of an air blowing machine blowing the balls up the goose neck or now the widely used computer method for generating the numbers. With this being said, don’t think that there is a pattern. The last games numbers will almost never come back up, and for that matter, those same numbers likely won’t come back up for the next 10,000 games or more (statistically speaking of course). Also keep in mind that the printed ticket is your official ticket for the game. In order to claim your winnings you must have that ticket.

With rules varying from casino to casino it is best to read all of the rules before the game and to find out the one important rule; how long do you have in order to claim your prize. Some are as short as 5 minutes from when the game ends. The last and final Keno tip that I can suggest to you is not to get all excited when you see the video Keno kiosk. Even though the house only holds a 8% - 12% edge on you, they hold an even bigger edge when it comes to how fast video Keno is played, thus speeding the game along and you losing your money faster. So when you are ready to play Keno remember some of these Keno tips, they might give you a little edge.

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