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Keno Strategy

There really isn’t much to strategy when it comes to Keno, I have mentioned all the way through this site that Keno is much like a lottery, intended to pay out big if you hit your lucky numbers. There are some things that you will want to keep in mind when wagering and playing Keno however. When betting on a game, betting more is not better, usually doubling your bet just means doubling your payout at double the risk.

That being said, when playing Keno you want to limit your betting. When playing Keno a little bet will pay out big as long as you pick the right amount of numbers, and of course hit those numbers.

Before you start to play the game you have to choose what your basic Keno strategy is going to be. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the more numbers you play the less odds that you are going to hit 20 out of 20. So my stance on the situation is that you pick the right amount of numbers for you, usually picking less than 20 but enough to make it exciting. Picking 6 numbers and hitting all 6 numbers on a $1 bet will pay you $2000. Not a bad payout for five minutes of your time.

Maybe as a final stategy you might be interested in picking some lucky numbers. I personaly believe that this is not going to up your chances, considering it is a totaly random set of numbers that are picked. Some people live by lucky numbers and only ever play those numbers. You can check out a lucky number list here and check out the results page as one Arkansas Man Nabs $10,500 in Hollister, by playing a set of lucky numbers.

Other than that there really isn’t much to Keno strategy. Having fun is the best way to walk away a winner. A smile on your face is worth all the money that you might be able to win (wait did I just say that?). Keno is a game of leisure and is played for the thrill or excitement that you get when hitting just one more number wins you the big money. So go and play Keno for its relaxing quality and sizable payouts that just may come your way.

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