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Keno Rules

The rules of Keno are much like picking numbers for the lottery, which is why it is so much fun, and so easy to play. If you take the time to read through this page you will not only know the basic Keno rules, but also how to enjoy it to the fullest. So if you are up for sitting back and relaxing, read on.

Ok, the first thing that is in order when you want to play Keno is to find the Keno booth. There should be a couple of booths set up around the casino depending on the size of it. Along with finding the main booth you will definitely want to find out where your numbers will be appearing while you are playing. Many casinos have monitor systems set up around the casino for your convenience, so you could be sitting down enjoying your drink but at the same time watching your numbers come up on the screen. Aside from multiple-mini-monitors, much like a sports bar, there is a large screen behind the main booth set up to show all the numbers, much like a bingo.

Well now that you know where the game is and how you monitor the numbers, you should definitely acquaint yourself with the Keno rules. This is a very basic sounding rule, but it is crucial to your success at Keno as sometimes the rules vary from casino to casino. The one Keno rule that you really want to pay attention to is how long you have to claim your winnings. In most casinos this is the time between games, which is usually set at five minute.

You are ready now to pick up your card at the main booth and select your numbers. When it comes to selecting numbers there are multiple ways that you can do this. There are 80 numbers to select from and you can choose up to 20 in most cases, with the odds dwindling in your favor the more you pick. The minimum number of numbers to pick is one and you must hit one in order to pay out, pick six numbers and you have to hit three (more on odds).

A third way you can play Keno is called, ‘stray and play’. It is for those that don’t want to sit and watch numbers or don’t want to miss that five minute window at the end of their races. When playing ‘stray and play’, the rules differ again from casino to casino, some allow you to play from 25 to 60 games in a row. Now the difference between this and ‘multi race’ is that you could buy your ticket and walk out the door and not come back to up to in some cases a year. This means that you could come back after 6 months, walk into the casino and get them to check your ticket for a winner.

Another option is a choice of combination or a way ticket. Sometimes this is referred to as 3-3-3, 9-spot ABC way ticket. This means you can select three sets of different numbers and all you have to do is hit one of the sets of three and you will be paid out. That sounds good to me! When selecting your numbers all you have to do is circle them in succession or mark each set with the same letters, example, first set with A’s, second with B’s and thirdly C’s. And that is all there is to a, 3-3-3, 9-spot ABC way ticket.

Even though payouts may vary, here are some examples that may give you a better understanding of why Keno players love the game. What you must understand is that there is a ratio to the amount of numbers picked to the number of numbers hit to be able to claim a winning ticket. For example if you pick five numbers you usually have to hit three numbers to pay three to one odds, and four to pay 26 to one and if you hit all five numbers you are going to win 332 times the amount of you bet. This is why Keno is loved by all Keno players - with a bet of just $1 you are able to walk away with $332.

All of these options and Keno rules are not set up to confuse people but to give the Keno player as many options as possible. Remember that the casino always has the odds in its favor you can have fun playing Keno, just take heed of these rules and follow some basic Keno strategy (read more on strategy).

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